Muropeptides from Nonomuraea sp. strain ATCC 39727 in the exponential and stationary phases of growth

Muropeptide or parameterCalculated massRelative abundance (%)a
Disaccharide-peptide monomersb
    Tetra (Gly)c926.414043
    Penta (Gly)d997.451510
Lactoyl-peptide dimers
    Tri-Tetra (Gly) (3→3)c961.442513
    Tri-Tetra (3→3)975.452418
    Tetra-Tetra (Gly) (4→3)c1,032.47287
    Tetra-Tetra (4→3)1,046.492362
Proportion of 3→3 cross-links4931
  • a Relative abundance was independently calculated for monomers and dimers.

  • b The disaccharide consisted of MurNAc-GlcNAc. The stem peptide contained l-Ala, d-iGlu, and l,l-A2pm at the first, second, and third positions, respectively. Tri, tripeptide l-Ala–d-iGlx–l,l-A2pm; Tetra, tetrapeptide l-Ala–d-iGlx–l,l-A2pm–d-Ala; Penta, pentapeptide l-Ala–d-iGlx–l,l-A2pm–d-Ala–d-Ala.

  • c Gly at the fourth position of tetrapeptide stems in monomers and in the acceptor position of dimers.

  • d Gly at the fifth position of pentapeptide stems in monomers.