Summary of the tyrocidines and analogues used in this study

PeptideAbbreviationSequencebMonoisotopic Mr (theoretical Mr)c
Tyrocidine ATrcAcyclo-(VOLfPFfNQY)1,269.6515 (1,269.6546)
Tyrocidine BTrcBcyclo-(VOLfPWfNQY)1,308.6610 (1,308.6655)
Tyrocidine CTrcCcyclo-(VOLfPWwNQY)1,347.6713 (1,347.6764)
Phenycidine AaPhcAcyclo-(VOLfPFfNQF)1,253.6625 (1,253.6597)
Tryptocidine CTpcCcyclo-(VOLfPWwNQW)1,370.6866 (1,370.6924)
Gramicidin SGScyclo-(VOLfPVOLfP)1,140.7067 (1,140.7059)
  • a Named by Vosloo et al. (34).

  • b Conventional one-letter abbreviations are used for amino acids, except that O was used for ornithine. Lowercase one-letter abbreviations indicate d-amino acid residues. The sequence data obtained from Tang et al. (29) and the identities were confirmed by our group (34, 35).

  • c Detected monoisotopic Mr of peptides determined from purified peptides using high-resolution time of flight-electrospray mass spectrometry (TOF-ESMS) (refer to Table S1 in the supplemental material).