Distribution of ESC resistance determinants by species and sequence type among infection and stool isolates of ESC-R Enterobacteriaceae

Sequence typeNo. of patientsNo. of isolates
IndexTotalCTX-M-15CTX-M non-15aSHV-12SHV non-12aCMY-2DHANone
E. coli fumC/fimH sequence types
    ST131-associated sequence types
    Other frequent types
        37-2755512M-14, 1M-2700100
    Other typesb504162127M-14, 2M-1, 1M-2211−1103626
E. coli total1039214251181169310
K. pneumoniae tonB sequence types
    263370002−2, 2−5103
K. pneumoniae total11112815335005
Overall total11410317066214669315
  • a CTX-M variants other than CTX-M-15 and SHV variants other than SHV-12 are indicated by superscripts (e.g., 1M-14 indicates 1 isolate with CTX-M-14).

  • b One of two index isolates was positive for metallo-beta-lactamase IMP-4, as well as CMY-2.

  • c One isolate was also positive for carbapenemase KPC-3 and represented the ST258 clone.