Activity of ceftaroline and comparator antimicrobial agents when tested against the most common serotypes of S. pneumoniae isolates displaying elevated (≥1 μg/ml) ceftriaxone MIC results

Serogroup/type population (no. tested) and antimicrobial agentMIC (μg/ml)% susceptible/% resistanta
19 (136)b
    Ceftaroline0.06 to
    Ceftriaxone1 to >82236.8/9.60.0/9.6
    Penicillin0.12 to 84812.5/10.3cNA
    Penicillin0.12 to 8480.0/97.1d0.0/87.5
    Amoxicillin/clavulanate≤1 to >88>85.9/90.4NA
    Erythromycin≤0.12 to >16>16>163.7/96.33.7/96.3
    Clindamycin≤0.25 to >2>2>219.1/80.119.9/80.1
    Levofloxacin0.5 to 41199.3/0.099.3/0.7
    Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole≤0.5 to >4>4>40.7/99.30.7/99.3
35B (74)
    Ceftaroline0.03 to
    Ceftriaxone1 to 21194.6/0.00.0/0.0
    Penicillin1 to 42298.6/0.0cNA
    Penicillin1 to 4220.0/86.3d0.0/1.4
    Amoxicillin/clavulanate2 to 82451.4/1.4NA
    Erythromycin≤0.12 to >168>1634.2/65.834.2/65.8
    Levofloxacin0.5 to >41198.6/1.498.6/1.4
    Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole≤0.5 to >4≤0.5>482.4/12.286.5/12.2
All (249)
    Ceftaroline≤0.015 to
    Ceftriaxone1 to >81258.6/6.00.0/6.0
    Penicillin≤0.06 to 84447.8/6.1cNA
    Penicillin≤0.06 to 8441.2/89.1d1.2/52.2
    Amoxicillin/clavulanate≤1 to >88830.5/51.8NA
    Erythromycin≤0.12 to >16>16>1615.3/84.715.3/84.7
    Clindamycin≤0.25 to >2≤0.25>250.4/48.851.2/48.8
    Levofloxacin0.5 to >41198.8/0.898.8/1.2
    Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole≤0.5 to >4>4>429.3/67.131.3/67.1
    Linezolid0.25 to 20.51100.0100.0/0.0
    Vancomycin≤0.12 to
  • a Criteria as published by the CLSI (10) and EUCAST (11). NA, not available.

  • b The serogroup was composed of 8 and 128 isolates of 19F and 19A, respectively.

  • c Criteria as published by the CLSI (10) for “penicillin parenteral (nonmeningitis).”

  • d Criteria as published by the CLSI (10) for “penicillin (oral penicillin V).”