Physical characteristics of pod-IVRs used in pig-tailed macaque studies

Physical characteristicTDF-FTC IVRaTDF-FTC-MVC IVRa
TDF drug loading (mean ± SD) (mg)64.8 ± 2.243.9 ± 1.2
FTC drug loading (mean ± SD) (mg)67.6 ± 1.345.5 ± 0.8
MVC drug loading (mean ± SD) (mg)NA41.9 ± 0.6
Delivery channel cross-sectional area (mm2)
  • a There were six pods total per IVR, and each pod was coated with poly(vinyl alcohol). Values represent total drug loading in the IVR. NA, not applicable.

  • b Three 1.77-mm2 channels per pod.