Per-protocol analysis: efficacy by treatment at day 42

OutcomeValue by treatment group:P value
Total no. allocated to treatment228228228
No. withdrawn or lost to follow-up by day 42161016
No. of deaths100
No. of evaluable patients211218212
Results, PCR uncorrected, no. (%)
    Early treatment failure1 (0.47)1 (0.46)1 (0.47)
    Late clinical failure17 (8.1)12 (5.5)10 (4.7)
    Late parasitological failure39 (18.5)52 (23.9)18 (8.5)
    Adequate clinical and parasitological response154 (73.0)153 (70.2)183 (86.3)0.001
PCR results on recurrent episodes, no.
    New infections with P. falciparum413916
    New infections with P. malariae/P. ovale2101
    Recrudescences of P. falciparum10119
    Undetermined PCR resulta342
Results, PCR corrected: adequate clinical and parasitological response, no. (%)197 (93.4)202 (92.7)200 (94.3)0.78
  • a The samples were collected, but the PCR results were undetermined; cases were excluded from the PCR-corrected analysis.