Comparison of posttreatment growth between persister isolate and untreated isolate

ParameterValue for:
Early-log-phase B31 5A19Early-log-phase persister isolateMid-log-phase B31 5A19Mid-log-phase persister isolateLate-log-phase B31 5A19Late-log-phase persister isolate
No. of tubes with motile spirochetes2353610369
No. of tubes with nonmotile spirochetes37261420017
No. of tubes with motile spirochetes/total no. of tubes23/605/3136/5010/3036/369/26
% of tubes with motile spirochetes3816723010034
Statistical significance (Fisher's exact test)P = 0.0355P = 0.001P = 4.224 × 10−9