DHA-PPQ dosing regimens and a poor-adherence scenario investigated in this study

RegimenaDosing intervalDHA/PPQ amt (mg/kg)
Single doseTotal dose
SR3/3 (standard regimen)Once daily for 3 days4/1812/54
eSTD5/5 (extended regimen)Once daily for 5 days2.4/10.812/54
pa[eSTD5/5] (eSTD5/5 with poor adherence)Once daily for 3 days (doses four and five missed)2.4/10.87.2/32.4
eITD5/5 (increased and extended regimen)Once daily for 5 days4/1820/90
sSTD6/3 (split SR3/3)Twice daily for 3 days2/912/54
sITD6/3 (twice SR3/3)Twice daily for 3 days4/1824/108
  • a The DHA-PPQ ratio in the combination is 1:4.5, which is the ratio of the target dose recommended by the WHO. For the dosing regimens containing the commercially available fixed-dose combination (1:8 ratio), see Table S2 in the supplemental material.