Strains used in this study

168Wild-type B. subtilis strainLaboratory collection
ΔSPβWild-type B. subtilis 168 strain lacking the entire SPβ prophage14
C-125Wild-type B. halodurans strain56
ATCC 6633Wild-type B. subtilis strain57
168 deletion collectionCollection of B. subtilis mutants lacking large genomic regions29
    ΔSPβ::catChloramphenicol-selectable ΔSPβ prophage mutant of B. subtilis14
    ΔyvkS-yvkWB. subtilis ΔyvkS-yvkW::phleoThis study
    ΔykvY-glcTB. subtilis ΔykvY-glcT::phleoThis study
    ΔptsG-ptsIB. subtilis ΔptsG-ptsI::phleoThis study
    ΔSPβ-QB5435B. subtilis ΔpstG::cat; QB5435→SPβ48
    ΔSPβ-MZ303B. subtilis ΔptsH::cat; MZ303→SPβ58
    ΔSPβ-GP864B. subtilis ΔptsI::ermC; GP864→SPβ59
    ΔSPβ-QB5407B. subtilis ΔccpA::spec; QB5407→SPβ60
    ΔSPβ-GP202B. subtilis ΔhprK::spec; GP202→SPβ61
    ΔSPβ::cm-GP506B. subtilis ptsH H15A; SPβcm→GP50662
    ΔSPβ::cm-GP507B. subtilis ptsH S46A; SPβcm→GP57663