Antimicrobial susceptibility of the seven lsa(E)-carrying enterococcal isolates, a transformant, and a recipient strain used in this study

StrainMLST typeMIC (mg/liter) fora:
E. faecalis 11-27ST169128>256>128128256128128>256864161811
E. faecalis 12-7ST220>256>256>128256256128128>25612864321418
E. faecalis 14-1ST146256>256>128256128128128>25612812864116216
E. faecalis E15ST283128>256>128256128128256>25612812864232216
E. faecalis D12-2ST553128>256>128128128>128256>256128646412216
E. gallinarum Y15NAc256>25612812812812864>25612864640.5828
E. faecium Y13ST29>256>256128256128>128128>256646464120.516
E. faecalis TY13d2>256128256128>128128>25644111≤0.52
E. faecalis JH2-224224220.54221212
  • a GEN, gentamicin; STR, streptomycin; KAN, kanamycin; VIR M1, virginiamycin M1; LIN, lincomycin; TIA, tiamulin; VAL, valnemulin; ERY, erythromycin; FFC, florfenicol; TET, tetracycline; CIP, ciprofloxacin; AMP, ampicillin; RIF, rifampin; VAN, vancomycin; LZD, linezolid.

  • b Note that E. faecalis is intrinsically resistant to streptogramins.

  • c NA, not applicable.

  • d TY13 was the transformant derived from transformation of plasmid pY13 from E. faecium Y13 into E. faecalis JH2-2.