Sequenced clinical isolates and their antimicrobial susceptibilitiesa

PatientTime of collectionb (days)Isolate nameSusceptibility (MIC [mg/liter])Assembly qualityDepth of coverage
10ISMMS2S (0.5)cS (1)S (<20)S (0.19)1 circular 4.51-Mbp chromosome160×
1+10ISMMS2RR (>32)cR (16)S (1)S (0.38)1 circular 4.51-Mbp chromosome403×
2−26ISMMS3S (0.25)S (0.38)U (80, <20)dS (0.75)1 circular 4.80-Mbp chromosome153×
3+14ISMMS4R (>8)R (>12)U (0.5, 80)dS (0.75)3 contigs (4.73 Mbp, 6.5 kbp, 11.2 kbp)303×
4−32ISMMS5S (1)S (1)S (<20)S (0.25)18 contigs270×
50ISMMS6S (<0.12)S (0.125)S (<20)S (1.5)10 contigs262×
6+2ISMMS7S (1)S (0.75)S (<20)S (1.5)1 circular 4.69-Mbp chromosome, 1 additional 17.7-kbp contig318×
  • a Levo, levofloxacin; SXT, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole; S, susceptible; R, resistant; U, undetermined; Mbp, million base pairs; kbp, thousand base pairs.

  • b Time of collection was defined in days relative to the date of collecting the initial S. maltophilia isolate in the case patient.

  • c Change in levofloxacin susceptibility investigated in this study.

  • d Inconsistent results were obtained in replicate.