PK parameter estimates of micafungin base and final model

ParameteraBase modelFinal model
EstimateError (CV%)EstimateError (CV%)
Population mean
    CL (liter/h)0.3692.20.3562.5
    V1 (liter)1.2114.41.2110.7
    Q (liter/h)5.5413.95.5412.7
    V2 (liter)4.623.44.623.2
    Allometric scaling exponent0.7904.00.7873.7
    Fixed-effect exponent of ASTNAcNA−0.060136.6
    Fixed-effect exponent of total bilirubinNANA−0.049247.0
Intersubject variability
Residual error
  • a AST, aspartate aminotransferase; CL, clearance from the central compartment; CV%, coefficient of variation; PK, pharmacokinetic; Q, intercompartmental clearance; V1, volume of the central compartment; V2, volume of the peripheral compartment; εprop, proportional residual error; εconst, constant residual error; ω, variance of the intersubject variability of the specified parameter.

  • b Different proportional error applied to patients (n = 25) in study 9463-CL-2101 with highly variable trough screen data.

  • c NA, not applicable.