Parameter estimate of M1 and M5 base and final models

ParameteraBase modelFinal model
EstimateError (CV%)EstimateError (CV%)
    Population mean
        Fixed-effect exponent of albuminNAcNA−0.33828.9
    Intersubject variability
    Residual error
    Population mean
        Fixed-effect exponent of ageNANA−0.49213.3
        Fixed-effect exponent of total bilirubinNANA1.5518.0
    Intersubject variability
    Residual error
  • a CV%, coefficient of variation; K30, elimination rate constant; KP, exposure relative to micafungin exposure; εprop, proportional residual error; εconst, constant residual error; ω, variance of the intersubject variability of the specified parameter.

  • b Different proportional error applied to patients (n = 25) in study 463-CL-2101 with highly variable trough screen data.

  • c NA, not applicable.