Sources of the 28 clinical Ureaplasma isolates from perinatal patients in Japana

IsolatePatient sex and agebSpecies (serovar)Specimen sourcePast pregnanciesPregnancy outcomecGestational age (wks)Presence of Lactobacillus spp.
UP1F, 31U. parvum (SV3)PlacentalG1P126ND
UP2F, 30U. parvum (SV3)VaginalG1P0M13+
UP3F, 30U. parvum (SV6)PlacentalG1P139ND
UP4F, 33U. parvum (SV3)VaginalG4P1M, PNot pregnant
UP5F, 36U. parvum (SV6)VaginalG5P2MNot pregnantND
UP6M, 12 daysU. parvum (SV6)TrachealNDPNDND
UP7M, 91 daysU. parvum (SV6)TrachealG2P1PNDND
UP8F, 26U. parvum (SV3)VaginalG3P1M32
UP9F, 25U. parvum (SV6)VaginalG1P120+
UP10F, 31U. parvum (SV6)VaginalG7P1M, P33
UP11F, 35U. parvum (SV6)VaginalG3P0M18+
UP12F, 44U. parvum (SV3)VaginalG1P0M8+
UP13M, 3 daysU. parvum (SV3)TrachealG5P4PNDND
UP14F, 42U. parvum (SV6)VaginalG3P0MND
UP15F, 37U. parvum (SV6)VaginalG2P1MNot pregnant+
UP16F, 37U. parvum (SV6)VaginalG3P1MNot pregnant
UP17F, 33U. parvum (SV6)VaginalG2P1M, PNot pregnant
UP18F, 34U. parvum (ND)VaginalG4P1MNot pregnant+
UP19F, 30U. parvum (SV6)VaginalG2P0M18
UU1F, 43U. urealyticumVaginalG5P0MND
UU2F, 1dayU. urealyticumTrachealG1P1PNDND
UU3F, 36U. urealyticumVaginalG3P0M33+
UU4F, 26U. urealyticumVaginalG2P2P9+
UU5F, 27U. urealyticumVaginalG4P2P10+
UU6F, 20U. urealyticumVaginalG0P025
UU7F, 28U. urealyticumVaginalG1P111+
UU8F, 22U. urealyticumVaginalG5P2P34+
UU9F, 29U. urealyticumVaginalG1P0P6
  • a Age is given in years unless otherwise specified.

  • b ND, not determined.

  • c M, miscarriage; P, preterm delivery.