Ex vivo drug sensitivity data of isolated parasitesa

Drug usedNo. of samplesGeometric mean IC50 (nM)95% CI (nM)bRange (nM)Cutoff for resistance (nM)No. (%) resistant
Chloroquine408247.9223.1–275.431.0–1,398100317 (77.7)
Quinine419126.7115.5–138.930.7–1,33960037 (8.8)
MDAQ42176.970.2–84.112.5–564.6100157 (37.3)
DHA4421.41.3–1.50.3–16.9108 (1.8)
Lumefantrine3783.02.6–3.30.4–24.4500 (0)
Piperaquine38119.117.1–21.43.1–188.910035 (9.2)
  • a This table includes results for all samples studied. Results are stratified into different trials and study arms in Table S3 in the supplemental material.

  • b 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.