Summary of plasma PK parameters for cefazolin derived by noncompartmental methods

Parameter (unit) and statisticPediatric surgical patientsNormal, healthy adultsa
1 g (n = 8)2 g (n = 4)Overall (n = 12)
Cmax (mg/liter)
    Geometric mean222296244277
AUC0–last (mg · h/liter)
    Geometric mean502694559475
AUC0–∞ (mg · h/liter)
    Geometric mean531731591503
CL (ml/min/kg)
    Geometric mean0.8230.7700.805
Vz (liters/kg)
    Geometric mean0.1360.1300.134
t1/2 (h)
    Geometric mean1.911.941.9
  • a The AUC0–8h is used for the AUC0–last from the adult data to ensure that the same time interval is covered for comparison.