Final population pharmacokinetic model parametersa

Pharmacokinetic parameterValues for all patients (n = 55)
CLm/F (liters/h/1.85 m2)15.5 (8.0)
fr0.14 (fixed)
V/F (liters/kg LBM)0.713 (0.282)
ka (1/h)1.14 (1.03)
Tlag (h)0.887 (0.571)
F1 (fixed)
  • a Data are presented as population mean (SD). Bioavailability (F) was fixed at a value of 1, and the rifampin clearance/creatinine clearance ratio (fr) was fixed at a value of 0.14. CLm/F, apparent metabolic clearance in liters per hour normalized to a body surface area of 1.85 m2; V/F, apparent volume of distribution in liters per kilogram of lean body mass (LBM); ka, absorption rate constant in 1/h; Tlag, lag time in the absorption phase in hours.