Pharmacokinetic parameters of group 1 and group 2a

Pharmacokinetic parameterValuesPb
Group 1 (n = 22)Group 2 (n = 33)
CLm/F (liters/h/1.85 m2)17.9 (9.1–32.9)13.8 (5.4–54.3)0.035
V/F (liters/kg LBM)0.844 (0.545–1.514)0.637 (0.325–1.162)0.002
ka (1/h)0.90 (0.22–3.24)1.33 (0.26–5.37)0.078
Tlag (h)1.11 (0.46–2.92)0.77 (0.30–2.12)0.017
  • a Data are presented as geometric mean (range). CLm/F, apparent metabolic clearance in liters per hour normalized to a body surface area of 1.85 m2; V/F, apparent volume of distribution in liters per kg of lean body mass; ka, absorption constant in 1/h; Tlag, lag time in the absorption phase in hours.

  • b Data from comparisons of groups 1 and 2 were tested using the Mann-Whitney U test.