Source and year of isolation for Ureaplasma species used for MIC determination

PHE (PCR +)NAbNANA28473360168
PHE (PCR −)NANANA74137182194587
PHE (recovered for MIC)8191910561
UHW (+)72233118
UHW (−)176224940
Plymouth (+)28616
Plymouth (−)19201049
RGH (+)320932
RGH (−)6361557
Urine (+)123
Urine (−)369
  • a Samples were obtained from Public Health England (PHE), the University Hospital of Wales neonatal intensive care unit (UHW) or immunological outpatients (Urine), the Derriford Hospital neonatal intensive care unit (Plymouth), and the Royal Glamorgan Hospital (RGH). Not all PHE isolates were recoverable from frozen archives for MIC determination. +, positive; −, negative.

  • b NA, data not available.