Overview of antibiotic-resistant isolates identified from United Kingdom samples between 2007 and 2013

Isolate (year isolated)Species of UreaplasmaAntibiotic resistance (MIC in μg/ml)Mechanism of resistance
U6 (2009)U. parvumCiprofloxacin (32)Levofloxacin (2)Moxifloxacin (1)E87K in ParC
HPA116 (2013)U. parvumCiprofloxacin (16)Levofloxacin (2)Moxifloxacin (1)S83L in ParC
HPA111 (2008)U. urealyticumTetracycline (64)Doxycycline (16)tet(M) positive
PLY157 (2013)U. parvumTetracycline (8)Doxycycline (8)tet(M) positive
HPA71 (2007)U. urealyticumTetracycline (64a)Doxycycline (16a)tet(M) positive
  • a MIC following challenge with tetracycline (initial MIC of 1 μg/ml).