Covariance matrix in lower triangular form of the final pharmacokinetic modela

kel (h−1)V0/F (liter/0.3 kg)Ka (h−1)K12 (h−1)K21 (h−1)
kel (h−1)0.866
V0/F (liter/0.3 kg)−0.0520.0228
Ka (h−1)−0.3440.0061.566
K12 (h−1)0.9710.043−1.47328.248
K21 (h−1)1.4180.2071.102−4.08627.62759
  • a Abbreviations: Ka, intercompartmental absorption rate from the peritoneal space to the central compartment; kel, central compartment elimination rate; K12 and K21, intercompartmental mass transfer rates between the central and peripheral compartments; V0, volume of distribution standardized to s 0.3-kg body weight; F, apparent bioavailability of clearance and volume, which was not estimated [i.e., CL/F = (V0 · kel)/F].