Clinical course and interventionsa

CharacteristicResult for patients receiving:P value
VAN (n = 131)DAP (n = 131)
Median (IQR) length of stayb (days)13.0 (9.0–19.5)14.0 (10.0–25.0)0.155
No. (%) of patients with ICU admission96 (73.3)96 (73.3)1.000
Median (IQR) length of ICU stayb (days)6.5 (3.0–15.3)8.0 (3.0–13.5)0.852
No. (%) of patients with complicated bacteremia64 (48.9)65 (49.6)0.902
Median (IQR) length of bacteremia (days)3.0 (2.0–6.0)4.0 (2.0–6.5)0.452
No. (%) of patients with a secondary site of infection33 (25.2)36 (27.5)0.719
No. (%) of patients with effective source control41 (31.3)43 (32.8)0.965
No. (%) of patients with an infectious disease consult99 (75.6)120 (91.6)0.001
Median (IQR) initial vancomycin trough concn (mg/liter)17.7 (13.2–22.0)NT
Median (IQR) dose DAP (mg/kg TBW)8.2 (6.4–10.0)NT
Median (IQR) time to DAP (h)48.4 (17.4–64.3)NT
  • a DAP, daptomycin; ICU, intensive care unit; IQR, interquartile range; NT, not tested; TBW, total body weight; VAN, vancomycin.

  • b Censored for inpatient mortality.