Antiviral activity of EDP-239 and other DAAs against transiently transfected GT1b HCV replicon variants

GT1b replicon variant expressing RAMs or wild-type sequence (drug class)aEC50a fold shift vs wild type
Wild type111111
R155K (PI)1114411
D168V (PI)111>12011
M414T (NNI)1111196
S282T (NI)1111101
D320E (CyPI)113111
Y93H (NS5AI)22891111
L31V (NS5AI)2051111
L31M (NS5AI)2361111
  • a PI, protease inhibitor; NI, nucleoside inhibitor; NNI, nonnucleoside inhibitor; CypI, cyclophilin inhibitor; NS5AI, NS5A protein inhibitor.

  • b Averages from 4 to 12 biological replicates; calculated from the ratio of the average EC50s for variant replicons to that of the wild-type replicon.