DprE1 C387 mutations conferring resistance to BTZ043 in M. tuberculosis

Residue or mutationSource or organism in which mutation was previously identifiedNo. of isolatesbBTZ043 MIC (μg/ml)MXFc MIC (μg/ml)Codon(s) identified by sequencing
C387 (WT)Wild type0.0020.031TGC
C387GM. tuberculosis, M. smegmatisa312.50.063GGA, GGC
C387SM. tuberculosis, M. smegmatis, M. auruma28>1000.031TCA, TCC, TCG, TCT, AGC
C387AM. aviuma5>1000.031GCC, GCG
C387TThis study18>1000.031ACA, ACC, ACT
C387NThis study76.250.031AAT
  • a See reference 2.

  • b Colonies were isolated on plates containing 400 ng/ml of BTZ043.

  • c MXF, moxifloxacin.