VT-1129 MICs against Cryptococcus gattii isolates by molecular typea

EndpointMIC (μg/ml)
VGI (n = 45)
    GM MICb0.04320.4019
VGII (n = 7)
    GM MIC0.15060.8203
VGIIa (n = 104)
    GM MIC0.13320.9477
VGIIb (n = 20)
    GM MIC0.17611.319
VGIIc (n = 32)
    GM MIC0.21871.874
VGIII (n = 20)
    GM MIC0.11110.8123
VGIV (n = 72)
    GM MIC0.02530.6019
  • a All MICs were measured after 72 h of incubation at 35°C. VT-1129 MICs were read at 50% and 100% inhibition of growth compared to growth control.

  • b GM MIC, geometric mean MIC.