Identified amino acid substitutions in the acrR gene of H. influenzae used in this study

StrainMutation sites in acrR geneaProtein synthesis (stop site)
124-2010Deletion of base T in nt 453Incomplete (152)
54-2011Substitution of base C to A in nt 400Incomplete (134)
70-2011Deletion of base T in nt 141Incomplete (105)
72-2011Insertion of 2 bases (GG) behind nt 200Incomplete (106)
82-2011Substitution of base C to T in nt 256Incomplete (86)
42-2012Deletion of base T in nt 141Incomplete (105)
46-2012Substitutions of 2 bases, C to T in nt 246 and G to A in nt 248Incomplete (83)
130-2011Multiple substitutionsComplete
  • a Reference with acrR genes of H. influenzae Rd.