Mortality rates based on definitive regimen

Antibiotic regimenePatients (n)30-day mortality rate (%)
    With a BL6926a
    Without a BL7239
    With a BL3619c
    Without a BL3234
    Polymyxin B2528
        With a BL1828
        Without a BL729
        With a BL911
        Without a BL1735
        With a BL911
        Without a BL520
    With a BL3333d
    Without a BL4043
    Polymyxin B/tigecycline4344
        With a BL2236
        Without a BL2152
    Polymyxin B/aminoglycoside1338
        With a BL560
        Without a BL825
        With a BL850
        Without a BL1127
    Polymyxin B/tigecycline/aminoglycoside560
        With a BL2100
        Without a BL333
    Other combinations838
  • a P = 0.1 for use of a BL versus no BL.

  • b P = 0.1 for SAA versus MAA.

  • c P = 0.2 for SAA plus a BL versus SAA without a BL.

  • d P = 0.4 for MAA plus a BL versus MAA without a BL.

  • e SAA, single active agent; BL, beta-lactam antibiotic; MAA, multiple active agents.

  • f Other active agents included levofloxacin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, or minocycline.