The information of students who had positive M. pneumoniae DNA detection results in pharyngeal swab samplesa

Patient no.SexOnset dateClinical symptom or examination result
Fever (days)Cough (Y/N)Disease course (days)Resident (Y/N)Positive time (days)bMP-IgMCulture (Y/N)P1MLVAcDiagnosis
1*M27 May 20149Y15N93YNPneumonia
2*F30 May 201412Y14Y48NPneumonia
3*M1 June 20144Y15N102Y1JPneumonia
4*F3 June 201410Y14N100YY1JPneumonia
5*M13 June 201410Y15Y24Y1JPneumonia
6*F12 June 2014NY10N34NURI
7*F15 June 2014NY5N75YY1JURI
8*F5 June 2014NY3N4NURI
9*F5 June 2014NY3N100NURI
13#M30 May 20146Y17N104YY1UPneumonia
14#F2 June 20146Y20N101YY1UPneumonia
15#F6 June 20148Y10N97YY1UPneumonia
16#F7 June 20145Y7N58YY1UPneumonia
17#M7 June 20145Y10N96Y1UPneumonia
18#F12 June 20148Y10Y91YY1UPneumonia
19#M22 June 20149Y14N40YY1UPneumonia
20#F2 June 2014NY3N26YY1UURI
21#M21 June 2014NY3N82YY1UURI
22#M25 June 2014NY3N41Y1UURI
23#F20 June 2014NY3N3YY1UURI
24#F17 June 2014NY3N84YY1UURI
  • a M, male; F, female; Y, yes; N, no; —, undetected or unknown; P1, P1 gene typing; MLVA, multilocus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis; URI, upper respiratory tract infection; *, school M; #, school J.

  • b Duration of M. pneumoniae DNA-positive results from pharyngeal swab samples.

  • c J, clone 3/4/5/7/2; U, clone 5/4/5/7/2.