Comparison of characterized ceftriaxone-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains

CharacteristicFC428GU140106 (5)A8806 (8)F89 (6, 7)H041 (4)
Location, yr of isolationaJapan, 2015Japan, 2014Australia, 2013France and Spain, 2010Japan, 2009
MIC (μg/ml)
Key alternations in PBP2A311V, T483SA311V, T483SA311V, T483SA501P in mosaic PBP 2 XXXIVA311V, T316P, T483Sc
  • a MLST, multilocus sequence typing; NG-MAST, N. gonorrhoeae multiantigen sequence typing.

  • b MLST ST1903 (abcZ126, adk39, aroE67, fumC157, gdh148, pdhC153, and pgm65) differs with two and three loci from ST7363 (abcZ59, adk39, aroE67, fumC78, gdh148, pdhC153, and pgm65) and ST1901 (abcZ109, adk39, aroE170, fumC111, gdh148, pdhC153, and pgm65) (differences are underlined), respectively.

  • c Key amino acid alternations causing the ceftriaxone resistance (15).