Muscarinic receptor specificity of omadacycline

TargetTest no.aEC50 or IC50 (μM)
M1 binding129
M2 binding14.3
M2 binding24.2
M2 agonist1>30
M2 agonist2>30
M2 agonist3>30
M2 agonist4>30
M2 agonist5>30
M2 antagonist121
M2 antagonist227
M2 antagonist322
M2 antagonist428
M3 binding1>30
M4 binding1>30
M4 binding2>30
M4 binding3>30
M4 binding4>30
M5 binding1>30
M5 binding2>30
M5 binding3>30
M5 binding4>30
  • a The results of separate experiments using human recombinant receptors are shown.