Summary of the genes related to conjugative transfer

Plasmid name (GenBank accession no.)Length (bp)Mobility gene(s)T4SS MPF gene(s)bPlasmid transferabilityPlasmid/contig profile of:dSimilarity (% [WSS])c
Relaxase gene(s)T4CPaA. xylosoxidansKUN4507K. pneumoniae KUN4843K. pneumoniae KUN5033
pKUN4507_1 (LC155906)26,345nikB, mobCtrwBvirB5, virB6, traGMobilizable++100 (100)e
pKUN4507_2 (LC155907)19,889traDtraA, traC, traGNontransferable+
pKUN4843_1 (LC155908)38,744Nontransferable++100 (99.99)f
pKUN4843_2 (LC155909)34,541mobCvirD4virB2, virB4, virB5, virB6, virB8, virB9, virB10, virB11, virD2, traCConjugative++100 (100)f
    Contig 2257,649++h100f,g
    Contig 2922,103++h100f,g
    Contig 348,638++h100f,g
    Contig 358,329finO, traA, traE, traI, traJ, traK traL, traM, traX, traY++h100f,g
    Contig 395,844++h100f,g
    Contig 531,053++h99.0f,g
  • a Type IV secretion system coupling protein.

  • b T4SS, type IV secretion system; MPF, mating pair formation.

  • c Sequence similarity was determined using mapping analysis, and whole-sequence similarity (WSS) of circularized plasmids was calculated using ClustalW.

  • d Presence (+) or absence (−) of the plasmid/contig is indicated.

  • e Sequence similarity between A. xylosoxidans KUN4507 and K. pneumoniaeKUN5033.

  • f Sequence similarity between K. pneumoniae KUN4843 and K. pneumoniae KUN5033.

  • g Excluding the regions where depth of coverage is <10%.

  • h The Illumina reads of K. pneumoniae KUN5053 could be mapped to this contig of KUN4843.