Predictors of intended use (n = 400)d

PredictorUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
OR (95% CI)P valueOR (95% CI)P value
Female sex1.02 (0.62–1.66)0.94
Age (yr)0.99 (0.97–1.00)0.060.98(0.96–0.99)0.02
    Hispanic or Latino1 (reference)f
    African American or black0.51 (0.26–1.01)0.05
    Non-Hispanica0.84 (0.51–1.38)0.48
    Less than high school1 (reference)
    High school or GEDe0.38 (0.18–0.81)0.010.39 (0.18–0.85)0.02
    Some college and above0.45 (0.23–0.88)0.020.60 (0.28–1.28)0.18
Insurance status0.17
    Medicaid1 (reference)
    Medicare0.66 (0.27–1.62)0.37
    Private0.89 (0.48–1.68)0.73
    Self-pay8.84 (0.87–90.18)0.07
    Uninsuredb1.28 (0.64–2.56)0.48
Clinic type
    Private1 (reference)
    Public1.66 (1.05–2.64)0.031.92 (1.11–3.31)0.02
Presence of chronic diseasec0.83 (0.51–1.35)0.45
Employment status0.53
    Not working1 (reference)
    Retired0.52 (0.14–1.90)0.32
    Employed1.06 (0.63–1.80)0.82
    ≤$20,0001 (reference)
    >$20,000 but ≤$40,0000.71 (0.37–1.39)0.32
    >$40,000 but ≤$60,0000.57 (0.26–1.24)0.15
    >$60,000 but ≤$100,0001.25 (0.61–2.57)0.54
    >$100,0000.50 (0.22–1.12)0.09
Survey language
    English1 (reference)
    Spanish1.71 (1.01–2.92)0.05
  • a A total of 91% of whom are white.

  • b Includes those who have benefits from the county allowing access to public clinic providers at either very low cost or no cost.

  • c Including any of the following: asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, HIV, hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, endocarditis, tuberculosis, prostatitis, chronic urinary tract infection, chronic osteomyelitis, peptic ulcer disease, chronic pyelonephritis, or cancer.

  • d The multivariate regression model included all factors with a P value of <0.20 in univariate analyses. Results shown in boldface type have a P value of <0.20 in univariate analyses and a P value of <0.05 in multivariate analyses; where the univariate data are shown in boldface type but there are no corresponding multivariate data, the results were nonsignificant in multivariate analyses.

  • e GED, general educational development (high school equivalency test).

  • f reference, reference category in the regression analysis.