Pharmacokinetic properties of the antibiotics used to define drug concentrations in experimental modelsa

AntibioticDaily doseProtein binding (%)Total/free Cmin (mg/liter)Total/free Cmax (mg/liter)Half-life (h)Reference
Fusidic acid1,500 mg q12h on day 1 then 600 mg q12h90–98b∼75 (day 1) to 100 (steady state)/7–10∼140/1412–1622, 61, 67
Daptomycin6 mg/kg q24h907/0.794/9.4864, 68
Linezolid600 mg q12h3013–15/9–10.521–24/15–17663, 68
Vancomycin1 g q12h505–10/2.5–525–40/12.5–20668
Moxifloxacin400 mg q24h400.6/0.363.1/1.91269
Rifampin600 mg q12h801.25/0.03∼10/22–370
Doxycycline100 mg q12h900.9/0.091.3/0.1318–2271
  • a Values in bold are those used in the present study.

  • b Depending on the study (all in vitro data), the type of sample (albumin solution, serum sample), and the concentration of albumin and of fusidic acid.