Genotypes and MICs for amikacin and ceftazidime-avibactam for P. aeruginosa and K. pneumoniae isolates selected for the study

IsolateGenotypeAmikacin MIC (μg/ml)Ceftazidime-avibactam MIC (μg/ml)a
P. aeruginosa
    1504aph(3)-IIb blaOXA-50 catB4 fosA1; probable MexXY-OprM mutation(s)644/4
K. pneumoniae
    329bant(3)-Ia ant(2)-Ia aadA1 aadA2 aac(6)-Ib aph(3)-Ia aph(4)-Ia fosA9 catA1 blaSHV-11 blaSHV-5 blaOXA-9 blaTEM-1 blaKPC-2 mphA dfrA12 sul1 sul3321/4
    375ant(3)-Ia ant(2)-Ia aac(6)-Ib (two copies) strA strB aadA1 aph(3)-Ia fosA9 catA1 blaSHV-5 blaOXA-9 blaTEM-1A blaKPC-3 mphA dfrA12 dfrA14 sul1 sul2644/4
    352aac(6)-Ib C aph(3)-Ia fosA9 catA1 blaSHV-11 blaKPC-3 dfrA12 sul1648/4
  • a Ceftazidime-avibactam MICs were determined in the presence of a fixed concentration of avibactam at 4 μg/ml.