GenBank submissions with mcr-5

GenBank accession no.SpeciesStrain nameStructureaTSDb
CP028162Pseudomonas aeruginosaMRSN 12280Tn3; chromosomeTCCAT
KY807921Salmonella enterica13-SA01718Tn3; plasmidATGTA
CP010516Cupriavidus gilardiiCR3Tn3; chromosomeAACTC/ATAAT
NBAR00000000.1Salmonella enterica12-02546-2Tn3; chromosomeATAAA
BESA01000094Escherichia coliPV1176Tn3; plasmidATTAT
BENI01000099Escherichia coli10138Tn3; plasmidAATAA
BBQK01000039Pseudomonas aeruginosaKF702Partial Tn3; chromosomeUnknown
BEPM01000040Escherichia coli10875Tn3; plasmidAAACT/AAATA
BDIH01000107Escherichia coliNIID080884Tn3; plasmidTACGC/NGTGA
CP028567Aeromonas hydrophilaWCHAH045096Tn3; plasmidUnknown
MG800820Aeromonas hydrophilapI064-2MIC; plasmidAAACG
OEUH00000000.1Salmonella entericaSTY142MIC; plasmidAAATA
  • a Location and structure of the mcr-5-carrying region. Tn3 indicates that mcr-5 is located with a Tn3-like transposon. MIC indicates that mcr-5 is located within a putative mobile insertion cassette.

  • b Nucleotide sequence of the TSD generated upon insertion. Different TSDs formed during resolvase-mediated recombination of different Tn3 transposons are shown separated by a forward slash. Note that the N in the TSD from E. coli NIID080884 reflects the annotation in GenBank for this submission. Unknown indicates that subsequent genetic events have removed the TSD from one or both ends.