Quantitation of transition mutations in NHC-experienced viral RNAa

Virus and treatmentTotal no. of ntNo. of transition mutations
C to UG to AA to G
    10 μM NHC7,73722212
    10 μM NHC9,836569
  • a Shown is a summary of data from the mutation frequency analysis of viral RNA after a 24-h exposure of IAV-WSN- or RSV-A2-L19F-infected cells to 10 μM NHC. The percent nucleotide (nt) contents of A, T, G, and C residues were 34.4%, 23.3%, 22.4%, and 19.9%, respectively, for IAV-WSN RNA and 37.4%, 33.3%, 14.6%, and 14.6%, respectively, for RSV-A2 RNA.