Expression levels of select genes following CA or CST adaptation

StrainFold upregulationaMutationFold increase in MIC over WT
M109 CA 10 ΔsmvR C terminus (CT)4None
NCTC 13439 CA 19 123 ΔsmvR16>32
M3 CA15918764197PhoP E82K, ΔsmvR8>32
NCTC 13443 CA552762662PhoQ A20P, ΔsmvR CT16>32
NCTC 13368 CA87 186 PhoP Y98C16>32
MGH 78578 CA68 246 PhoQ L348Q16>32
M109 WT pACYC phoQ A20Pb 3 724 phoQ A20P on plasmidNone64
KP16 CST54 2057PhoQ T244NNone>64
M3 CST85 3874PhoQ L348QNone>64
51851 vs 46704109 60116MgrB Q30STOPNone>64
NCTC 13438 CST 55 PmrB D150YNone>64
  • a With respect to wild-type levels, unless otherwise indicated.

  • b Significant fold upregulation compared to WT or pACYC phoPQ WT.