Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidFeaturesaSource
B. cenocepacia K56-2Cystic fibrosis clinical isolate 82
B. cenocepacia MKC2Site-directed CG mutant; PrhaB promoter replacement of esaRThis study
B. cenocepacia MKC4ΔesaSThis study
E. coli SY327 araD Δ(lac pro) argE(Am) recA56 RifrnalA λpir 83
    pRK2013oricolE1; RK2 derivative; Kan+ mob+ tra+ 84
    pSC201oriR6K; rhaR rhaS Prha B dhfr 30
    pMC2pSC201 derivative; oriR6K; rhaR rhaS PrhaB dhfrThis study
    pGPI-SceIoriR6K; Tmpr; mob+; carries I-SceI cut site 31
    pMC4pGPI-SceI containing upstream and downstream regions of esaSThis study
    pMC5pGPI-SceI containing upstream and downstream regions of esaSRThis study
    pDAI-SceIoripBBR1; Tetr; mob+; Pdhfr; I-SceI gene 31
  • a Kan, kanamycin; Tmp, trimethoprim; Tet, tetracycline; tra+, self transferable; mob+, mobilizable.