Conjugative plasmid content of 18 environmental isolates harboring blaIMP-27 on an IncQ1 plasmid recovered from the nursery and farrowing barns of a single swine production system

IsolateRecovery dateLocationBarnSample typeSpeciesConjugative plasmid content
13-19A7/25/2015FloorNursery room AGauze spongeEscherichia coliaIncX, IncI1, IncF
13-19B7/25/2016FloorNursery room AGauze spongeProteus mirabilis
13-28A7/25/2017Pen gateNursery room AGauze spongeEscherichia coliaIncX, IncI1, IncF
S4-A10/2/2015Crate floor matsFarrowing room AElectrostatic clothMorganella morganii
S4-B10/2/2015Crate floor matsFarrowing room AElectrostatic clothProvidencia rettgeri
S5-A10/2/2015Sow feedersFarrowing room AElectrostatic clothProteus vulgarisIncP
S8-A10/2/2015Crate barsFarrowing room AElectrostatic clothEnterobacter cancerogenusIncP
S8-B10/2/2015Crate barsFarrowing room AElectrostatic clothCitrobacter braakiiIncP, IncW
S1110/2/2015Exhaust vent coverFarrowing Rm AElectrostatic clothEnterobacter cloacaeIncP
S13-A10/2/2015Crate dividersFarrowing room BElectrostatic clothCitrobacter sp.IncP, IncI1
S13-B10/2/2015Crate dividersFarrowing room BElectrostatic clothEnterobacter cancerogenusIncP
S1410/2/2015Crate dividersFarrowing room BElectrostatic clothCitrobacter farmeriIncP
S15-A10/2/2015Crate floor matsFarrowing room BElectrostatic clothCitrobacter koseriIncP
S15-B10/2/2015Crate floor matsFarrowing room BElectrostatic clothMorganella morganii
S1710/2/2015Sow feedersFarrowing room BElectrostatic clothCitrobacter farmeriIncP
S1810/2/2015Sow feedersFarrowing room BElectrostatic clothKlebsiella oxytoca
S1910/2/2015Crate barsFarrowing room BElectrostatic clothCitrobacter koseriIncP
S2310/2/2015Exhaust vent coverFarrowing room BElectrostatic clothEscherichia coliaIncX, IncI1, IncF, IncW
  • a Escherichia coli isolates from the nursery barn floor and pen gate were sequence type 218, while the E. coli isolate from the farrowing room exhaust fan was sequence type 101.