Table 3.

Amino acid substitutions of TEM-type variants at critical positions

β-LactamasepIAmino acid at the following positiona:Reference or source
TEM-15.4GlnMetGluArgMetGly 32
TEM-25.6 Lys MetGluArgMetGly 3
TEM-36.3 Lys Met Lys ArgMet Ser 30
TEM-156.0GlnMet Lys ArgMet Ser 20
TEM-205.4GlnMetGluArg Thr Ser 4
TEM-325.4Gln Ile GluArg Thr Gly 10,14
TEM-436.1GlnMet Lys His Thr Gly 35
TEM-526.0GlnMet Lys Arg Thr Ser This work
TEM-52Hb GlnMet Lys Arg Thr GlyThis work
  • a Amino acid residues are numbered as described previously (2). Amino acids shown in boldface type represent changes from the amino acids in TEM-1 (32).

  • b —, not determined.