Table 1.

Candida isolates used in this study

IsolateSpeciesMIC behavioraTime (h)MIC frequency distributionb
630-15.3 C. albicans Low/low241/−3/4−/2−/1
707-15 C. albicans Low/high245/51/−1/−−/2−/3
UTR-14 C. albicans High/high24−/32/2
707-10 C. tropicalis Low/low242/22/5
508-12.1 C. tropicalis Low/high242/44/1−/2
623-20 C. tropicalis High/high242/−1/−2/7
  • a On the basis of the modal MIC at each time point, the behavior of each isolate is summarized as low/low (24/48), low/high, or high/high MICs.

  • b The MIC for each isolate after 24 and 48 h of incubation was determined 7 to 17 times by the macro- and microdilution versions of the M27-A method, both with and without supplementing the medium with glucose at a concentration of 20 g/liter (see text). The resulting frequency distributions of the MICs indicate the number of macrodilution/number of microdilution MICs (−, none). The numbers of readings at 24 and 48 h are not identical for all isolates due to unequal numbers of replicates for some conditions.