Table 4.

Effect of mutations introduced by site-directed mutagenesis on MICs of azoles for yeasts expressing the mutated CYP51A1 forms

Expressed CYP51A1gene(s)aRelative increase in MIC of the following azole for S. cerevisiae Leu+transformantsbIntroduced amino acid substitution(s)
-C27c 111
-G129A 111G129A
-S405F 442S405F
-Y132H 4162Y132H
-G464S 442G464S
-R467K 442R467K
-S405F/Y132H >64328S405F, Y132H
-467S/Y132H 32324G464S, Y132H
-G464S/R467K 842G464S, R467K
-G464S/G129A 1641G464S, G129A
  • a Unless otherwise noted, the nomenclature indicates the amino acid substitution(s) resulting; e.g., -G129A is an abbreviation for CYP51A1-G129A, a gene encoding a CYP51A1 protein with a substitution of Ala for Gly-129.

  • b See footnote c of Table 2.

  • c The gene from isolate C27 that encodes CYP51A1.