Table 1.

Clinical data, RAPD patterns, IEF of β-lactamases, and identified β-lactamases of isolates of the familyEnterobacteriaceae and transconjugants

StrainSpeciesDate of isolation ( of specimenHospital, wardType of infectionRAPD patternIsoelectric points of β-lactamasesβ-Lactamase identified by sequence analysis
L-267 K. pneumoniae 18.1.1995Throat swabŁódź, pediatricPneumonia, pharyngitisA 6.0,a7.6TEM-47
L-372 K. pneumoniae 26.1.1995UrineRzeszów, pediatricUTIb B<5.4, 6.0, 7.6TEM-48
L-380 K. pneumoniae 1.2.1995UrineRzeszów, pediatricUTIB<5.4, 6.0, 7.6TEM-48
L-491 K. pneumoniae 15.2.1995UrineRzeszów, pediatricUTIB<5.4, 6.0, 7.6TEM-48
L-577 K. pneumoniae 23.2.1995UrineRzeszów, surgicalUTIB<5.4, 6.0, 7.6TEM-48
L-439 K. pneumoniae 4.2.1995UrineRzeszów, pediatricUTIC<5.4, 7.6, 8.2 SHV-5-like
L-414 K. pneumoniae 24.1.1995Tracheostomy tubeŁódź, ICUc Suspected pneumoniaD<5.4, 7.6, 8.2 SHV-5-like
L-251 K. pneumoniae 9.1.1995Bronchial exudateŁódź, pediatricPneumoniaE5.4, 7.6,8.2 SHV-5-like
L-95 K. pneumoniae 4.1.1995Wound swabWarsaw, neurosurgicalWound infectionF7.6, 8.2
L-352 K. pneumoniae 22.1.1995Tracheostomy tubeŁódź, ICUSuspected pneumoniaG7.6, 8.2
L-902 K. pneumoniae 7.3.1995Tracheostomy tubeŁódź, ICUSuspected pneumoniaH7.6, 8.2
L-867 E. coli 30.4.1995Tracheostomy tubeŁódź, ICUSuspected pneumonia5.4, 6.0, >9.0TEM-49
  • a Underlined pI values are those for β-lactamases which were also produced by transconjugants.

  • b UTI, urinary tract infection.

  • c ICU, intensive care unit.