MICs of antibiotics for S. pneumoniae CP1000 and transformants

Donor strainaRecipient strain or transformant (L22 mutation)MIC (μg/ml)b
NACP1000 (none)<0.015<0.015<0.0150.03<0.0150.06
1 AZMCP1000 (G95D)0.50.1250.50.250.032
3 ERYCP1000 (G95D)0.50.1250.250.1250.061
3 ROXCP1000 (A93E)0.50.1250.50.250.031
1 TELCP1000 (A93E, P91S, G83E)0.50.1250.50.250.032
  • a NA, not applicable. See footnote a of Table 2 for an explanation of the mutant designations.

  • b MICs were determined by the agar dilution method (4). AZM, azithromycin; CLR, clarithromycin; CLX, clindamycin; ERY, erythromycin; PRI, pristinamycin; TEL, telithromycin.