IMP subtypes and integrons of the Enterobacteriaceae isolates

Carbapenemase (no.)No. of each species (country)Defined integron (species, no.)a
Klebsiella spp.E. cloacae complexCitrobacter spp.E. coli
IMP-1 (5)3 (Japan)1 (Brazil)1 (India)In1312 (Klebsiella spp., 2; Citrobacter spp., 1), In1311 (Klebsiella spp., 1), In1313 (E. coli, 1)
IMP-4 (8)2 (Australia)3 (Australia)3 (Australia)In809 (Citrobacter spp., 3; E. cloacae complex, 1)
IMP-6 (4)3 (Japan)1 (Japan)In722 (Klebsiella spp., 1; E. coli, 1), In1321 (Klebsiella spp., 1)
IMP-8 (4)4 (Taiwan)In73 (E. cloacae complex, 3)
IMP-13 (1)1 (Spain)In1319 (E. cloacae complex, 1)
IMP-14 (3)1 (Thailand)1 (Thailand)1 (Thailand)In687 (Klebsiella spp., 1; E. coli, 1), In1314 (E. cloacae complex, 1)
IMP-26 (13)13 (Philippines)In1310 (Klebsiella spp., 6)
  • a In1310 to In1314, In1319, and In1321 were novel integrons found in this study.