Table 1.

QRDR Sequence results of BMS-284756 mutant protein changes from parental strain S. aureusISP794a,b

StrainLocation of mutation for indicated gene
Third-step mutant strains
 3(756)6-1116 (Ala→Glu)c 84 (Ser→Leu)
 3(756)6-284 (Ser→Leu)
 3(756)6-3157 (Pro→Leu)
 3(756)10-184 (Ser→Leu)
 3(756)10-284 (Ser→Leu)
 3(756)10-384 (Ser→Leu)
Fourth-step mutant strains
 4(756)6-184 (Ser→Leu)
 4(756)6-2 80 (Ser→Phe)84 (Ser→Leu)
 4(756)10-184 (Ser→Leu)
 4(756)10-3 80 (Ser→Phe)84 (Ser→Leu)
Fifth-step mutant strains
 5(756)6-1472 (Glu→Lys)d 84 (Ser→Leu)
 5(756)6-2472 (Glu→Lys)84 (Ser→Leu)
 5(756)10-184 (Ser→Leu)
 5(756)10-384 (Ser→Leu)
  • a First- and second-step BMS-284756-selected mutants had no changes in the QRDRs of the four genes sequenced.

  • b Four ciprofloxacin-selected mutants, 1C6(1)-1, 2C6(1)-1, 3C6(1)-1, and 4C6(1)-1, were sequenced. They all had only one QRDR mutation, grlA (A116E).

  • c The designation — indicates no change.

  • d Mutations not previously reported.