Distribution of MIC ranges of isolates in the reference broth microdilution test

SpeciesTotal no.a of isolatesNo.a of isolates with MIC (μg/ml):
E. coli99
K. pneumoniae1037
K. oxytoca44
C. freundii10154
P. aeruginosa10154
P. fluorescens3111
A. baumannii74111b
Acinetobacter spp.211
A. lwoffii11
S. maltophilia954
E. cloacae10136b
Enterobacter spp.541
Klebsiella spp.c1010
Enterobacter spp.c99
C. freundiic33
  • a Absolute numbers are shown.

  • b Isolates showing heteroresistance. Heteroresistance was observed as either the presence of skipped wells or trailing end points.

  • c Isolates from intensive-care unit patients not receiving SDD/SOD.