In vitro antiviral activities of UK-201844 in HIV-1 production assaysa

EnvReporter% Inhibition
NL4-3HIVLuc99.5 (99; 100)88 (83; 93)
VSV-GHIVLuc−6 (−13; 1)97 (94; 99)
  • a The production of HIV-1 infectious virions packaged with either an HIV-1 envelope (NL4-3) or the VSV-G envelope protein (VSV-G) was measured as described in Materials and Methods. The results are presented as percent inhibition of infectious-virus production in the presence of twice the EC90 (UK-201844, 15 μM; NFV, 0.12 μM) of compound relative to the no-compound control and represent the mean of two independent experiments (individual values are shown).