Baseline patient characteristics

Baseline characteristicaValueb
Mean age in yr (SD)57.8 (17.9)
Male subjects55 (55)
Subjects with prior healthcare exposure within 180 days of admission62 (62.0)
Median length of stay in days prior to culture collection (IQR)17.5 (5-38)
Subjects in ICU at culture collection74 (74.0)
Median no. of consecutive ICU days prior culture collection (IQR)9 (0-31)
Subjects on mechanical ventilation at culture collection60 (60.0)
Median no. of days on consecutive mechanical ventilation days prior to onset (IQR)7.5 (0-27)
Mean APACHE-II score (SD)17.1 (7.9)
Subjects with diabetes mellitus35 (35.0)
Subjects with heart failure22 (22.0)
Subjects with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease18 (18.0)
Subjects with hepatic dysfunction11 (11.0)
Subjects on dialysis22 (22.0)
Subjects with decubitus ulcers22 (22.0)
  • a IQR, interquartile range.

  • b n = 100. All data are presented as the number of subjects (with the percentage in parentheses) unless otherwise noted in column 1.