Compound libraries from ICCB-L screened and number of members from each library identified as having activity for preventing biofilm formation by P. aeruginosa PAO1

Compound groupLibrary nameNo. of compoundsNo. of primary screening-positive compoundsaNo. of CPsbNo. of retests from CPsNo. of reordered compoundsNo. of compounds with EC50s less than 20 μM
Known bioactive collectionBiomol ICCB-L Known Bioactives48050000
NINDS Custom Collection1,04010000
Prestwick 1 Collection1,12010000
Selected naturalStarr Foundation Extracts 21,00021000
    productsICBG 1—Fungal Extracts851122000
ICBG 2—Fungal Extracts46010000
Organic Fractions—NCI Plant and Fungal Extracts1,40883000
Philippines Plant Extracts 2648138000
Philippines Plant Extracts 120010000
Commercial compoundsChemDiv 316,54414361383113
MixCommercial 526841100
Maybridge 44,5762411300
Biomol-TimTec 18,1662710600
ChemDiv 28,56046221086
ChemBridge Microformat19,52016570232211
ChemDiv Antimitotic Collection1,254114200
  • a Screening-positive compounds were scored as strong, medium, and weak.

  • b Cherry picks (CPs) were selected from among the screening-positive compounds.